Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sometimes Things Just Fall Into Place -- Featuring Hairoin, {{BSD Design Studio}} and A.F.I Designs

Life has this pace that's a little like a heart beat. It pauses, it beats, it pauses, it beats. No matter how fast it's going, it still pauses and then it still beats. Once upon a time, I was active duty Navy. Some of my health issues are a direct result of service during Desert Storm and injury that medically retired me. During my experiences in the Navy, I learned all sorts of cadences. They kept us all in step, so that as we moved, we moved as one unit, one machine, one heart beating.

In the midst of chaos in the world around me, I lose track. I lose focus. A pause, however, often is all it takes to remind me of the basic beat, and most of the time, even if I'm in the wildest tempest, things will just fall into place if I remember life's cadence; it pauses, it beats, it pauses, it beats.

As much as I love dance in Second Life, you'd be amused to know that 90% of the time I'm 'dancing' in Second Life, I have no sound on, so I have no music. It's not so much the dancing then that attracts me to this activity. It must be something else. I'm not particularly sexually charged when I traverse Second Life. Too many other things interest me. Those times I really do want to feel that close to someone, I dance. It's another cadence, another way we measure life's beat.

I have to chuckle though, that I really don't need the music to enjoy the dance. It's more about the person, the intimacy of a special IM, and the gathering of people. Lately, I've been extra blessed to be invited to several new clubs, new places people hang together, and I've noticed that each of these places also have their own pulse. No two clubs are the same any more than two agencies or colleges or kings are the same. Each defines their world, and creates the pace it will be lived.

I fell in love with the designs by A.F.I Designs because of the colors. They're bright and busy but they make sense too. The insane yet wonderful hair from Hairoin seemed like it was made to accompany this dress. They are both unique. It's often said that a true artist marches to his or her own beat. These designers do. And then there are heels that come from {{BSD Design Studios}} that add pizzazz. When someone can make their own mesh, they have the sky as their limit and creativity abounds.

I really appreciate the designers for whom I blog. I have randomly blogged for strangers. I join events like 24 Event or the Bunny Hunt and end up exposed to all sorts of things. Ultimately, sometimes things just fall into place. A little dash of this and a pinch of that, stirred together, the right lighting, the positive spirit and a special cadence that's all your own, and you have looks like no one else. We create our own beat with the elements around us at any given time, and then we march.

Featuring A.F.I Designs Mezzanine Outfit
Features Hairoin Leviathan
Features {{BSD Design Studio}} Modern Muse Raw Metallic
Features [I][I][M] Studs Bracelet
1. IKON: Sunrise Eyes Steel Blue Pale
2. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Starlia
3. Face Paint: Square Prim Nails
4. Face Paint: Leonore
5. [Mirror's Enigma]: Vanity Tan Skintone
8. Purple Moon: Concentric Earrings in Silver & Onyx
9. Chop Zuey: Hana Shobu Bellyring

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