Thursday, April 24, 2014

Life's Tapestry -- Featuring Liv-Glam, *Les Petits Details*, BAOBA, Chop Zuey, Truth, and KaTink

I've done a composite photo, with two smaller photos added, as this is a composite styling that includes designers from all over the place supporting events of all kinds in Second Life. From Couturier's Docks, *Les Petits Details* offers Judith boots. At L'Accessories, you will find this spring welcoming hat from BAOBA.
If you take time to see who's invested time and craft into DOPE Fashion Week, you'd find this new mini from Liv-Glam - Waking Up In Vegas (sounds fun doesn't it!?). KaTink has new releases out that include the pose set Chasing Butterflies and the Backgrounds Pack Soft Blooms both of which are part of a charity drive called the EB Charity Event. Chop Zuey created a whole array of beads in Easter colors and gave them away last weekend to her group.
And last but surely not least, I have a special thank you to the one who sent me a gift card for Truth; I enjoyed the process of narrowing down ideas, til I found a style that suited me and the essence of this time of year, frolicking with butterflies. The more exposure I have to a diverse and free spirited group of designers, content creators, people who love and live a life of joy and value in Second Life, the more I embrace and treasure my experiences. We're all bits of fabric on a massive life tapestry.

The following designers offered an array of frolicking fun and helped create this look:
Featuring KaTink Soft Blooms Background Pack for EB Charity Event Donating 50% of Proceeds
Featuring KaTink Chasing Butterflies Poses for EB Charity Event Donating 50% of Proceeds
Featuring Liv-Glam Waking Up In Vegas from DOPE Fashion Week
Featuring BAOBA from L'Accessories Delicacy Blue
Featuring NEW from Truth Harriet
Featuring Chop Zuey's Easter Gift - A Wee Bit O Easter Beige Pieces
Featuring *Les Petits Details* Judith Boots from Couturier's Docks
1. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Papaver Skin Tone Makeup 1
2. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
3. Candy Nail: Resort Sunset


  1. Thank you for pausing to offer encouragement. It always brings a smile. <3