Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Let Yourself Be Human -- Featuring ~ghee, FINESMITH and Baboom!

Some of the most difficult moments in life occur when I disappoint someone. I'm certain that no one in any life, any lifestyle, any gender, any religions, not a single soul goes through life without disappointing someone. When I do, I feel it to the core of my being. I sometimes even feel physically ill, as a side effect.
The only way I know how to make it through those moments comes via communication. I have to give the person who was disappointed time to vent, to share frustration, listen to the anger or the sadness, or whatever other emotion I engendered by doing the thing I'd done. Absorbing their angst only makes it more heavy to my spirit, and sometimes it takes a long time to get past it. It's not that friends or family are unforgiving. They are, and do, long long before I give myself a break and forgive me.
It's challenging to build a reputation in any business, anywhere in our world, and it's just as easy to break it, tear it down, and sabotage the positive energy with one little thing. I've often thought that thousands of good deeds might be easily overlooked by a single misdeed. It's just how we as humans act and react. I hope that you give yourself permission to be human. You might not win the crown, or get the job you wanted, or find your way to your dreams. You also might find a friend who's having a really bad time of it, and behaving contrary to everything you know about that person. You might not know why, or ever know, but it might help to give friends a get out of stupid free card, and let them be human from time to time too.
~ghee created this evening gown, and has a sparkle effect that doesn't show on still photos. It's gorgeous and made me feel very feminine. Baboom! made this spring decorated hat with loads of color and symbols of holiday, play and fun. Something as beautiful gives me a good jolt of joyous energy and helps me get through those human moments. It's just one of many many reasons I do this thing called blogging in this virtual world we share.

Designers make this thing I love to do possible. My thanks goes ever warmly to each of them:
Featuring Baboom! Happy Summer Hat
Featuring FINESMITH Didi 1 Back Necklace Blue
Featuring ~ghee~ Shimmer Bloom Gown
Featuring FINESMITH Mohar Pekan Bracelet and Earrings
1. KMADD/Moda: Attention Eyes
2. Kyxe Skins & Shapes Blossom Skin Tone
3. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Apple Blossom Gloss
4. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Hypnotic Apple Martini Eyeshadow
5. Nailed It: Runway Perfect Hunt
6. {{BSD Design Studio}}: Post Modernism Black Leather

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