Monday, April 14, 2014

A Real Date! - Featuring Carrie's Lingerie

It's very rare for me to go to an event or spend time out with friends when it's not connected in some way to the work I do in Second Life. I miss more than many of you would know the ability to work outside my home. I yearn for those years to be returned to me, or maybe for them to be in my future. For my now, the most useful I can feel comes from work I do online in Second Life. I feel like I make a difference in some small way and that feeds my need to feel like I'm valuable. If I worked outside my home, or even if I volunteered somewhere, I'm sure I would return to using Second Life as a venue for fun, pleasure, playing and people.
That does't mean that I dislike the company of others away from working relationships. By no means! I just put the work I do with blogging and modeling and sharing my two cents when it comes to marketing advice and other ways I touch the fashion industry ahead of other activities. So much so that sweet people tease me about letting my hair down and kicking up some fun. It's gentle natured and always positive so... last night, I took that advice and went out on a date in Second Life. I visited a place JUST for the fun of it with someone who wasn't a client or a sponsor or an event or anything other than a good friend. I have to agree with those who've said I should get out more and enjoy Second Life on the playful side of things. I DID!!
Before this date, I felt so much like a girl, a bit shy, unsure of what to wear, unsure of what he'd enjoy. I knew it wasn't as big a deal as I was making it in my head and heart, but I'm an emotional girl sometimes (mosttt times) and I do look at every small detail in every way possible with regard to anything, and in this case, I wanted it to show that I'd put time and effort into going on said date, so when I met him there, he'd say "Wow, this person made an effort to make me smile!"
Carrie's Lingerie continues to be one of my favorite go to places for sensual, sexy, elegant, refined and just plain beautiful items. You might not realize, based on the name of the store, that gowns and shoes and makeup and other accessories were also a part of the package when shopping at Carrie's. I knew I would wear something from Carrie's but I had to pick it out and I was thrilled to find this incredibly beautiful Burlesque gown in purple. Many of the pieces Carrie creates contain prims, flexible pieces, absolutely artistic layers, but rarely (up to this point) has it included mesh. The mesh skirt for this outfit suited perfectly to the overall look. I had a special newly created curvaceous shape and I was able to find a size that fit the curves.

I think he enjoyed the styling, and overall effect like I hoped he would. It's hard to go wrong with elegantly created lingerie, and with Carrie's, I always find something new and special when I visit. Since I first found "Grace" at a 60L weekend list and went to see about this place called Carrie's Lingerie, I've loved it. You and your special friends might also. It can't hurt to try!

My thanks to each designer who made my outfit a success!
Featuring Carrie's Lingerie Burlesque in Purple
Featuring [Modern Couture] Luxury Set
1. Bax Boots: Prestigue Suede
2. Bliss: Sierra
3. Natural Beauty Lashes
4. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
5. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Blossom basic skin tone
6. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Glamour Ombre Passion Lips
7. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Innocence Subtle Purple Eyes
8. Poses Built In To Props At Carrie's Lingerie VIP
9. [[j'adore]] Poses  (Standing poses)

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