Saturday, April 19, 2014

You Are Loved -- Featuring Pichi from Couturier's Docks, Kastle Rock Couture, EMO-tions and Maxi Gossamer

Sometimes the simplest ends up being the most elegant. When I tried on EMO-tions new hair this week, Leena, I found myself feeling like a Southern Belle from another century, ready to ply my charms on the nearest Rhett Butler. The Marlena gown from Kastle Rock Couture also struck me as very simple, sweet and innocent and went well with the upswept coif.
I know this time of year brings celebration to some families, while others with other faith backgrounds enjoy tomorrow as just another lovely Sunday to relax during a weekend. I had friends over the years who celebrated other holidays, but didn't mind the ones that had made their way into the US culture to a point that businesses closed and people had long weekends.
You don't have to agree to a certain religion to enjoy the holiday and wherever you are in our wide world, I do hope you find the day tomorrow filled with good things. To those who celebrate a holiday tomorrow, I wish you happy family time, sharing with loved ones and friends, and whatever traditions you keep each year.
I've done a little bit of this and that through the years. Some of you know that I was a Youth Pastor along my journey, a marriage counselor, and other tangents to being a member of church staff. My personal theology has always been simple. I don't know a lot of doctrine, and it doesn't phase me. I know that people need to know they're loved, unconditionally, and that in this wide, scary world, At least one Southern Belle, in her teenytiny town loves you.

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  1. Beautiful, just Beautiful! Many Blessing on this Holy Day! HAPPY EASTER! Hugs♥

  2. I send the same warmth back to you and yours, Blue.