Saturday, April 5, 2014

Abra-Cadabra -- Featuring -AZUL- and [[j'adore]] from Japan Fair (opens today); Also Featuring New at FINESMITH

It's hard to talk about the opportunity to work with a designer like -AZUL- who's been creating masterpieces in Second Life for a long time and who participates in so many events, including an event like JAPAN FAIR 2014. This gown, Claro de Luna in Sapphire, flows elegantly with every step.
I worked with [[j'adore]] poses for the first time, also found at the Japan Fair, which opens today. I haven't ever had a HUD option to wear and a way to use the poses one by one. The HUD is an awesome option for someone who likes to pose EVERYwhere. I enjoyed 'meeting' a new pose maker, new to me...
Another designer who's invested a lot of time into everything Second Life is Finesmith. This set of jewelry had three options. I chose Summer Powder because of the colors.
By the time I finished putting this style together, I was feeling a little sense of power, a dark energy, or is it light. The setting with the black cat and bright blue flora offers a balance. Perhaps I till tap into one or another and create good times and mischief to be had by all!
I did not get enough time to explore this sim, Odessa SciFi Municipal. I took this last photo in a bubble that was floating up in the sky and since I used a night setting, I ended up with lights like the Aurora Borealis. New places to discover out there all the time!

My great thanks extends to each designer responsible for making this new style possible:
Featuring from Japan Fair -AZUL- Claro de Luna in Sapphire
Featuring from Japan Fair [[j'adore]] Aqua Poses
Featuring FINESMITH Summer Powder Set
1. .::Shellac: Lip Gloss Brites
2. Hairoin: Pheasant Phlower
3. KMADD/Moda: Confidence Eyes
4. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Alabaster Skin Tone w/ Blonde Brows
5. FINESMITH: Nails French Sky
6. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Innocence Lavender Mist
7. Floating Bubble Poses in Prop at Odessa SciFi Municipal

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