Friday, April 11, 2014

Japan Fair - Candy Nail, *+Crie Style+*, +Honey+, Plus EMO-tions, {{BSD Design Studio}}, and Violator

It's Easter weekend. In the past, my whole world calendar revolved around children, when they were in class, when they were on break, how long I had to make it before they drove me crazy and put us all in the loony bin. This weekend, they're coming home for a visit, each at their own time, marching to a beat of a different drum.
The eldest continues his quest to find his niche in the right fit for him regarding leadership in a Church. He's currently volunteering while he's in Seminary but competition really seems to be steep, so he's sending out resumes, doing interviews, and all that comes with the next stage of growing up. I was a Youth Pastor for over 10 years, and at the time, he growled at having to be a 'mascot' because of course he went with us on every trip and did all the crazy stuff we did. Now he finds his interest to be -- drum roll -- wait for it -- being a Youth Pastor.
My youngest son continues to be the free spirit who refuses to stay in one place long, and one who's willing to try anything even when it's rather irksome to his mother. I know he needs to make his own choices and learn to live with them, but sometimes I wish I could still say, "Because I said so..." It just doesn't work like that anymore. His fiance and he both work two part time jobs. I wonder how often they see each other. I know I don't see either of them unless I plan a date. So Easter Sunday, they're coming over for one of those dates. I think the world of his special girl, and hope they choose to do the old fashioned thing and get married, but I do recognize that traditional weddings seem fewer and farther between in our current culture. I just want him happy.
As I prepared mentally and emotionally for their barrage, because it is that even though it's one I LOVE to feel, I sat quietly in the house, a window open, a fan blowing on my feet, and my little world of fun playing 'Barbie'. KaTink shared new poses, and the first half of the Roxeanne pose set is shared here. {{BSD Design Studio}} celebrated last weekend with a beautiful fashion show (woot!!) and I celebrate with them on their anniversary. The shoes are bright and edible pink, and called My Destiny. I love that name. Violator shared several different sets in the events this year including this silver set, NightLight. EMO-tions creator Mirja Mills might not ever sleep because she's so busy creating new looks for every style and taste; Clara is one of the newest releases. From the JAPAN FAIR 2014, I have Candy Nails Qween Rose/White, a new pair of *+Crie Style+* glasses, and a cute little cocktail dress from +Honey+. The total amount raised continues to increase and you can still help by participating, shopping, and knowing your investment goes to a good cause - Shelter Box.

Thank you to each designer who made this style possible:
Featuring KaTink Poses Roxeanne 1
Featuring {{BSD Design Studio}} My Destiny Pink
Featuring Violator NightLight White/Silver
Featuring EMO-tions Clara
Featuring from Japan Fair Candy Nail Qween Rose Mist White
Featuring from Japan Fair *+Crie Style+* Sakura Miyabi/NU
Featuring from Japan Fair +Honey+ M009 Mesh Cocktail Dress
1. White Stockings by Caryn
2. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Pearl Basic Skin Tone
3. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Glamour Bubble Gum Lips
4. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Candy Powder Blue Eyeshadow
5. KMADD/Moda: Eyes Attention
6. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Mysteria

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