Monday, November 19, 2012

Liv-Glam Kicks Off Winter 2012: Envy Knee Boots and Glitter Leave Clutch

Samantha S. Jones lives in a land where people never sleep, I think... or maybe she's the queen of the vampire world. It could be true, really. This designer at Liv-Glam creates items that are so tasteful, so elegant, so chic and suited for the moment, and at a speed that must account for the fact that she never sleeps! Elementary, my dear Watson. ~smiles~

The Glitter Leave Clutch and the Envy Knee Boots both have a HUD with pantone colors that allowed me to have them match. Paired with one of my favorite Liv-Glam 'professional' pieces, it's obvious how well the textures in the whole of Liv-Glam's designs, both clothing and Liv-Glam the [Stella] label work together.

Featured Liv-Glam Stella Envy Boots 
Featured Liv-Glam Stella Glitter Leave Clutch 
1. Custom Shape 
2. Glam Affair Skin: Jadis 
3. Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver 
4. Emotions: Silja 
5. Face Paint: Pumpkin 
6. Sexy Mama Valentine Sculpted Nails 
7. Miamai: Orange Explosion Catwalk Lashes 
8. Liv-Glam Carmen Sequin top and High Waist Skirt 
9. Artistry by ~E~: The Estella Set Black 
10. AP Dementia Lever 6

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