Monday, November 19, 2012

.::Wow::. Skins at Midweek Madness

Wow! WoW is more than just skins. I found their contributions to Midweek Madness this week and one of the boxes contained an entire avatar named Nadia.

It was truly a change for me after using the same skin nearly constantly and the same shape as well for a long while. This package came with the shape, the skin in several versions, three different basic jeans outfits, lashes and jewelry. The skin seen in the photo is the natural or neutral skin. I can wear Face Paint make-up over natural skins. There were other Nadia skins in the pack, however, that were already wearing make-up, so as a new avatar, you're really completely set up without having to invest in much else.

Visit .::WoW::. to find this special deal on the whole Nadia avatar as well as several other Midweek Madness deals. For more information on Midweek Madness, visit their Midweek Madness Kiosk.

Featured .::WoW::. Skins Nadia Complete Avatar 
1. Nadia Shape 
2. Nadia Tan Natural 
3. Nadia Diva Lashes 
4. .::WoW Designs::. Gulsem Jewelry 
5. Emotions: Falling 
6. Face Paint: Restless 4 
7. Pichi Louisiana Western Boots Blue 
8. Faithy Movie 1 
9. (outfit 2) Liv-Glam Stella Shanti Knee Boots 
10. In-Pose Swamp Thing 
11. Liv-Glam Stella Melody Print Knee Boots 
12. Lybra 2

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