Sunday, November 18, 2012

This Week at Snowpaws, News and Sales

It's never quiet or stoic at Snowpaws. There's ALWAYS something fantastic in progress, and this week is no different.

Have you see the new color Watercolor Gown in Onyx? It's set out on sale as a special means of raising money to donate to the Red Cross in hopes of sending help to those who were affected by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. If you'd like to donate directly, we encourage you to do so by visiting: Red Cross Donations

Great Hunts are in progress at Snowpaws as well, and you know what that means. Work! 

Hunts are not that easy at Snowpaws, but the treasures you find when you find them are amazing and worth the effort. The Womenstuff hunt is in progress, and half way through this two month hunt, the prize hidden will change so you get twice the fun.

Join the Where is the Concert Hunt and really do your home work. You'll only have the clues necessary to attend the concert if you complete the hunt!

This year is the 5th Peace on Earth hunt and wow is it huge. Visit Snowpaws for this hunt beginning December 1.

This week for 60L Weekend, the Petite Alainn Floral Silk Gown in Rose is on special.

The beautiful Hydrangea Illuminate Outfit has been marked on sale for this week's Steals and Deals event.

If you haven't been to the Designer Showcase recently, the Siri Lace & Satin Cocktail dress is there and at a special price.

All of this and so much more makes Snowpaws a great place to drop by and shop, hunt and have fun. Bring friends and make your Second Life experience a little brighter with Snowpaws.

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