Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mental Health America, Make a Difference -- Featuring (Bryne) for Halloween Hellraiser for MHA, !Lyrical B!zarre Templates from The Instruments, DE Boutique from Designer Showcase, and DESIR's Grace from BOSL International Fashion Week

With a little help from Lyrical B!zarre Templates - Weaping - at The Instruments and great Smoothies heels from DE Boutique at Designer Showcase, I added a long white skirt called Grace from DESIR's new releases coming just in time for BOSL International Fashion Week. Then I took new makeup - a series called Energy, lips called Siren - and the new release Angelina in Milk Skin Tone from October's 4Seasons - coming to The Couturier's Docks this weekend - to tease your senses and encourage you to find the weekend filled with great shopping.
The corset comes from (Bryne) and was an item from a designer I'd not met previously or blogged previously. I'm always excited when I get to debut something from somewhere completely new to me. I'm also always excited when I know that the whole reason the designer created the release evolved because the designer wanted to contribute to a fundraiser for charity. Next weekend, Paradox Messmer aka Doxy, hosts a special event - Halloween Hellraiser - to raise money for Mental Health of America.
I looked up the primary website and pulled their 'Donate Now' address, so anyone who sees this note can donate directly if they cannot attend the special event.


Featuring (Byrne) Style Devil Girl Mesh Corset for Halloween Hellraiser, Fundraiser for Mental Health America
Soundproof, Just Left Of the Dial - Charity (Paradox Messmer)
Featuring !Lyrical B!zarre Templates 'Weaping' Makeup and Scarf from The Instruments
Featuring DESIR Grace Mesh Long Skirt from BOSL International Fashion Week
Featuring DE Boutique Smoothies Grey Heels from Designer Showcase
Featuring October's 4Seasons Energy Siren Lips
1. Purple Moon: Tears Me Not Jewelry
2. October's 4Seasons: Angelina Milk Skin Tone
-- Silver Lips
3. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
4. Gaeline: Mysteria
5. SLink: Elegant 1 Hands
-- Female Feet High
6. DelMay Poses

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