Monday, October 27, 2014

Moody Days and Perfect Makeup -- Featuring October's 4Seasons, Chop Zuey, Boudoir and Tresor Couture

It's been a long time since something or someone made me cry 'online'. I forgot how it felt. We share our hearts with various people for many different reasons. We extend trust slowly, and then we hope that we're going to survive that moment, and the next. Of course we do survive, and maybe as models, with pixelated mascara and eyeliner, our makeup never runs, but I think the tears fall down somewhere in our hearts. I question myself, my ability to relate to others, and my connections here in this virtual world after days like today. And I'm so glad that not too many days like today exist in my world.
I often tell people that life is too short to get upset or stay upset. I know this more because of the health scares I've had and because I live with kidney disease. I don't expect special treatment. I would really dislike that. I'm already the china doll that everyone's afraid to touch in my world off line. To live that online too, well I just couldn't. So I'm here, in a beautiful gown, hair by one of my favorite designers, alone on the floor of a grand ballroom and realizing that sometimes, it's very sad to be alone, and other times, it's just what I need. I don't know about this moment right now. I don't often write 'moody' notes. It's just hitting me harder than it should, maybe because I haven't let the door open for long in a long time and haven't had so many 'moody' moments.
I'm grateful to the designers who support me, friends I've made in this business, places I've gotten to go and events in which I've participated. I love the lady behind the name Tresor Couture. She does a lot for the world around her and I treasure people like that. Yes, Tresor - treasure. It fits. I wouldn't be the same person if I didn't have Ms. Oooh October in my life and the chance to wear her skins exclusively is a privilege. I can't imagine Second Life without Chop Zuey and Boudoir and all of the high class designers who've been here, creating, designing, and letting me taste a little nibble from their world. It helps me disappear for a little while, into another world, and it doesn't hurt, not for a little while, anyway.

Featuring October's 4Seasons Lily Skin Tone Angelina
Featuring October's 4Seasons Diva Look At Me Shadow
Featuring October's 4Seasons Seduction Red Vines Lips
Featuring Tresor Couture Tah Blue
Featuring Boudoir Chess Queen Crown
Featuring Chop Zuey Freedom Angel Set
1. .:JUMO:. Brighton Heels Baroque
2. SLink: Female Feet High
3. Truth: Short With Bangs
4. Maxi Gossamer Swallow Wings Lashes
5. KMADD/Moda Mesh Eyes
6. Manifeste Poses

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