Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sharing Halloween With One of Carrie's Lingerie Model/Assistants -- Featuring Carrie's Lingerie, Chop Zuey and Truth

I dropped by Carrie's Lingerie, late last night in my world. Every now and then I have an insomniac's night. Thank heavens it never got as bad as "The Narrator" in Fight Club or Trevor Resnik from The Machinist. When I have those odd hours, I'm grateful for the people who live in other time zones around the world. I get a brief but fun chance to catch up in their worlds while mine is a bit topsy turvy. When I visited, I asked the Model/Assistant on duty if she'd pose in one of the photos I took. She looked so spooktacular, I just wanted to absorb the fun of it and play. That's one reason I love Halloween. It's primarily fun in our day and age (and yes I know it came from times long past that were not quite so sure the day 'fun') and a good reason to remind myself not to take this life or any too seriously. Sometimes we need to be silly and dress like a pumpkin or dance with a grape vine.
Starla aka starla.connor wore Carrie's full avi Spider Lady that included the awesome dark skin called Dark Fantasy. I was all in red and gold wearing Sami, the Group Gift for the VIP members of her store. I also had on one of the brand new texture change sets from Chop Zuey that were released last weekend. I love how all of the pieces she created, from short playful day dresses to long formal evening wear, the hats and bows, jewelry and everything could mix and match even as she honored one of the most colorful artists Romero Britto, a contemporary Modern/Pop artist that certainly inspired Ms. Belle to colorful delights in his honor! And I would be remiss if I did not comment on the hair by Truth. I've used some of October's 4Seasons darker tones more recently and I love the multiple shades of black that Truth created. They have that touch of realism.
I believe this is my final Halloween blog, but who knows. If it is or if it isn't, I hope you find a way to celebrate a spirited end of this month as we all look ahead to the wonderfully crazy holiday months ahead. Hang on to your hats. It's going to be a wild ride!!

Featuring Special Guest Starla (starla.occoner) one of Carrie's Lingerie Model/Assistants
* Wearing the Spider Lady outfit, a full avi, including the Dark Fantasy Skin
Poses built into the props in Carrie's VIP Haunted House
Featuring Carrie's Lingerie Sami Autumn Group Gift for VIP
Featuring Chop Zuey Por Una Cabeza Texture Change Jewelry Set
Featuring Truth Dariela
1. [[j'adore]] Poses
2. Unique Clothing Caryn Winter Boots
3. SLink Female Feet High
-- Elegant 1 Hands
4. October's 4Seasons: Chocolate Cosmose Skin Tone (Laila)
-- Destiny Cranberry Lips
-- Diva Golden Apple Shadow
5. Gaeline Divina
6. KMADD/Moda Mesh Eyes

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