Friday, October 24, 2014

Touching the World Via Charity -- Focusing on DEbRA -- Featuring Asili Ya Uzuri from the Event and Also Featuring Exile

As you know, I'm passionate about charities and find the ability to touch the world via a Second Life, virtual world, where I can make a difference means a lot to me, makes me feel healthier than otherwise I would, and appeals to me on so many levels emotionally.
This late fall, a very passionate woman, Cerise Emory, a woman who's name off line is Karen and a name recognized by many in the off world application of how, when, where, one might get involved with the disease she's elevating notice of and sharing understanding. This late October, DEbRA comes into Second Life as her very special project. You can visit the website that raises money and awareness of The Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Associate of America - --
Please get involved if you can, buy items from the designers who've joined forces to help Cerise with her fundraiser in world, and all the work she lives and breathes off line, touching those very needy children in any way she could possibly do. I admire her passion and compassion.

Featuring Asili Ya Uzuri Ashanti from DEbRA Charity Fundraiser
Featuring Exile Suggestive
1. Snowpaws Eclipse Enamel Bracelet
2. Liv-Glam Boutique Delilah Bagged
-- Natasha High Heels (SLink)
3. SLink Elegant 1 Hands
-- Female Feet High
4. OB4S Blossom Laila
5. Face Paint On the Go Gray
6. KMADD/Moda Mesh Eyes
7. MG Inverted Crown Lashes
8. Gaeline Black Liner
9. PosESioN Poses

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