Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Super SCARYN - Featuring Sabra Style, Dark Horse Style, AsHmOoT from the Promenade, !Lyrical B!zarre Templates from Four Seasons Market and Dulce Secrets from Designer Showcase

I just want to be a super hero. Of course, every good one has a great costume. A month of costumes, but today, I pulled on a collection of items from different designers and ended up with Super Caryn. Sabra Style's Old London Coat made a perfect 'super hero girl cape' for today. AsHmOoT created an entire outfit for The Promenade, and from the set, I pulled on their Coll boots and leggings. I'm pretty sure tights/leggings are a must for super heroes and boots as well. !Lyrical B!zarre Templates provided the skin hugging mini dress under the coat, with a bra and skirt and shear layer between the two.
I know heroines do not need to enhance their chest area to fight crime more intensely but I also don't know of a single one who doesn't do so anyway! At Designer Showcase this month, Dulce Secrets put together a box of mesh eyes. Not a soul in our universe has pink eyes that I know of, but to have pink eyes as part of the costume; that makes sense. Lastly, I have more nails to show from Dark Horse Style. Be ware, though. These nails have been treated with just the right amount of venom to render any criminal paralyzed long enough that I might capture them and bring them home to justice!
My name will change for the duration of the month of October to SCARYN.
Just a nudge to help you find me in your list...

Featuring Sabra Style Old London Coat 
Featuring AsHmOoT Coll Boots from the Promenade
Featuring AsHmOoT Coll Wool Pants (Leggins) from the Promenade
Featuring !Lyrical B!zarre Templates Dew Mini Dress from Four Seasons Market
Dulce Secrets Tempest Red Eyes from Designer Showcase
Dark Horse Style Gold Glitter Striped, Dark
1. .:JUMO:. Aromorial Red Lips
2. October's 4Seasons: Blossom Skin Tone (Laila)
3. Gaeline: Natura
4. Lace Mask 2 by Caryn
5. Truth: Harriet
6. Del May Poses

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