Friday, March 15, 2013

A Little Fun With a New Friend

This week, I had the joy of working with my very first fashion show, practicing walks, getting to know other models in this amazing setting, learning, absorbing and listening.

One of the new people, someone I'd seen in passing in several environments but someone I had not worked with previously, was Paradox Messmer aka Dox.

When I realized that my first project with DEJAVOGUE also would include Dox, I realized how much bigger this fashion world was getting for me. He's got one of those big personalities, almost as big as his wild hair!

We picked some dark duds and showcased some pose sets from one of the three designers who create and work on Image Essentials property, Demise of Flight.

The ferocity of the look was made more fun by sharing it with someone interesting, and someone who has the same interests, fashion and modeling, and brought his own sense of style to the table.

You'd think by these photos that we're a bit closer than we actually are, but as he's easy on the eyes and fun so who knows. Life is funny that way, in a good way. If you haven't seen him on the runway, you will soon. Get to know his aesthetic and his sense of energy.

New from Demise of Flight
Pair set Adored and Pair Set Engaged

Style Card for Paradox Messmer:
For more from Dox visit:
Skin: Breeze by thebodyco.
Eyes: Classic gen4- black coral by Poetic Colors
Hair: Caustic by Hairoin
Shirt: Minati Suit Shirt by Inmonster
Undershirt(s): Essential T by *BOOM* plus Athletic Undies Tank by Vitamen
Coat: Inventor coat by Ladies Who Lunch
Pants: Rocker leathers by A:S:S
Earrings: Cruxi earpiercing by Pekka
Belt: Luca Python belt by Mimikri
Boots: Mullingar boots by hoorenbeek
Makeup: Castoff by Madrid Solo, also lips from Madrid Solo Pouting Thomas - Special from Fashion for Life

EMO-tions - Joshua Dark Brown
{mv} - Bad Habit Dress 
{mv} - Dominion Boots 
Mirror's Enigma - Cursed Elemental Blue Eyes 
Mirror's Enigma - Medow Dusk Skintone 
1. Custom Shape
2. Sexy Mama Valentine Nails
3. MD - Leather Cuffs
4. From Face Paint's New Gems Make-up Accessories by Caryn

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