Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Touch Me, Take Me to That Other Place

Do you have that someone special who can make you calm or in another setting make your head spin or your heart soar? Those kinds of friends are priceless. They're real. They're not wearing a mask and only saying the pretty things.

The greatest gift we have to give others is self. Selfless giving means putting other's needs ahead of our own and this type of giving can be the most exhilarating and the frustrating at the same time. There are those out there who will soak up all you have to share and then want more. In other cases, you know those who rarely ask for anything and if they ever do ask you for support, you'd do absolutely anything they ask if it were in your power.

I consider my life blessed with a rich abundance of people around me who see past themselves and give of themselves in so many different ways. I've joined with a variety of lifestyle groups, role-play groups and serious business groups and found a little smattering of healthy and unhealthy humanity in each of those settings. The joy comes from the fact that the good and goodness in others far outweighs any negatives I've faced.

My heart hopes that you too find those who can touch you and take you to that other place that U2 is singing about in this song I reference. If it's raining cats and dogs or if the sun is shining, if there's an early unexpected spring snow on the ground or you're sunbathing on the beach somewhere with fancy drinks, it's a beautiful day. I pray you don't let it slip away, but find some way to share the beauty of your day with someone else.

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