Saturday, March 23, 2013

Every Time That You Walk In the Room

Can you tell by now that I'm a hopeful romantic? Often people use the phrase 'hopeless romantic' but I think if one contends the idea to be hopeless, they're not truly a romantic at all. I believe anything and everything can and does happen in good time to people who pour their hearts into the things they love best.

This week I was honored to be added to the group of bloggers who work with the creative genius behind *Diamond Style*. This store has a plethora of great designs that include formal, dressy, chic, and urban. There are hairstyles and skins and shoes as well. I have so much fun just window shopping, so to speak.

The first dress I chose to share, I chose for a special reason. The basic mesh dress is one I've had the chance to wear previously, but I've never seen a designer add such delicate and intricate pieces to it to personalize it so well.

The longer I blog, the more natural and fun it is to me. It gives me the chance to work with people as diverse as our world is, and as creative and unique as each fingerprint and every snowflake. I get to know the designers, work with their art, and write. 

I know it's hard to believe, but I'm the type of person who writes epistles instead of emails, and get teased often for it. In this medium, I can express personal thoughts or professional, talk about the clothes or the weather or the most intimate of details. It's a platform that works for me on every level and when I meet someone new or join a new group and have the privilege of representing them, it's a joyous thing to me.

Whether I'm in the mood to philosophize or just to ramble, this platform works perfectly for me. My world off line finds itself limited by health issues, but in this world where I can fly, and dance and play; in this world where everything I choose is deliberate and fun, I soar. I hope at times you soar with me. I like looking for life's positives and sharing them, wherever they can be found.

Featured *Diamond Style* Angelina White

Featured *Diamond Style* Tamara White
1. Custom Shape
2. Glam Affair: Amberly
3. Mirror's Enigma: Naturelle Dark Blue Eyes
4. EMO-tions: Greece
5. Gaeline: Mesh Lashes Mysteria
6. Face Paint: Metallic Purple Liner and Lash
7. [S H O C K]: Glitter Nails
8. Finesmith: O2 Earrings
9. Celestina's Wedding: Alay Wedding Shoe
10. Poses from Vista Animations and Poses built into props

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