Friday, March 15, 2013

Take a Walk on the Wild Side (Fashion for Life, Drean Auction)

Everything eventually comes to a close and this weekend, the incredible Fashion for Life (Relay for Life) event sadly winds down. Before its gone for good, there are several items you may not yet know. One - the giant Colossus of Rhodes, a clever build like nothing else seen in Second Life will be sold and half the proceeds go to the Fashion for Life donations.

The other big news that was announced yesterday - The Dream Auction. Several designers I work for have agreed to participate in this event and wow, what a treat it will be. You'll  want to join in the auction! The notice shares a long list of participants, including EMO-tions. If you would like the full list of designers, feel free to IM me in world (caryn Ashdene) and I'll send it to you.

When you bid on one of these designers, you're bidding on a one of a kind custom design in their field of specialty. For a designer like EMO-tions, Mirja Mills, she makes clothing, jewelry and hair, so options might be endless but if you went with a designer that specializes in skins, you would want to bid on them to create a new skin for you (and not something outside their range of interest and skill.) What an opportunity. Whoever perks your interest, you should go for it, and all the proceeds go to the Fashion for Life (Relay for Life) charity.

Featured Emotions - Joshua Dark Brown
-- Note Regarding Auction for FFL Featured
{mv} - Bad Habit Dress from Fashon for Life Featured
{mv} - Dominion Boots from Fashion for Life Featured
Mirror's Enigma - Cursed Elemental Blue Eyes Exclusive from Skin Fair
Featured Mirror's Enigma - Medow Dusk Skintone Exclusive from Skin Fair
1. Custom Shape
2. Sexy Mama Valentine Nails
3. MD - Leather Cuffs
4. From Face Paint's New Gems Make-up Accessories by Caryn

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