Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Wild Irish Rose (Fashion for Life Day 6)

This has been the most incredible day and in the middle of all things wild and wonderful, my heart had one of those sadness moments. I use songs and lyrics for my blog titles and photo names now and when I researched Irish music, I noticed that many had a similar theme as my day has had.

Sometimes the little lows we have make us appreciate the highs even more. I was scared to death and excited at the same time during the highlight of my day. It was my very first fashion show rehearsal and I was like a doe caught in the headlights. Once I got over the fear... wait... haven't quite yet!

Maybe it gets a little easier over time or maybe it's like acting and every opening night brings on a massive round of nerves. I heard when I was part of the Thespians at school that nerves make us focus and attention to detail makes a difference between good and great. I have enough nerves to fill the Grand Canyon. I'm not quite sure if it makes me great yet, but I know I'm stepping closer to my dreams.

This week presents one of the best opportunities I know of online to support an amazing cause. I was watching Celebrity Apprentice, noting that the supposed aim of this show is to raise money and perhaps it does, but it also raises a lot of anxieties and ugliness. I think raising money for any just cause is also a cause for celebration, and certainly not for all that stress on TV.

I've wandered around the sims set up for the Fashion for Life event and run into so many different people from many lifestyles. In this moment, while we're shopping and supporting this charity, we're part of the same lifestyle for a few moments. I don't know why a good cause doesn't unify the competitive people on Apprentice. I'm glad it doesn't happen in our Second Life.

Featured Zanze Lacie Dress Buff at Fashion for Life
Featured Mirror's Enigma SuperbiaV2 Peach Skintone
Featured Mirror's Enigma Superbia Prim Lashes
Featured Mirror's Enigma Naturelle Gray Eyes
1. Custom Shape
2. Osmose: Argentina Platinum
3. Trendy Dolls: St. Patrick's Day
4. Purple Moon: Rosali Necklace
5. Baubles by Phe: Square Diamond Bangles
6. R2: Azuli Blue
7. Poses by Manifeste

Featured Baboom! Clover Gown Patrick's Day
Featured Face Paint Gidget Cotton Candy
1. Custom Shape
2. EMO-tions: Anna
3. Poetic Eyes: Autumn Moon
4. Gaeline: Mesh Lashes Starlia
5. Trendy Dolls: St. Patricks Day
6. Moonshadow: Gipsy Earrings
7. Poses by InPose

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