Monday, March 4, 2013

Walking in the Light (repost from

There are so many spiritual references to the light and the darkness across the world in theologies and philosophies and in all of them, light and darkness operate in a balance that must exist. I often think of the Yin and Yang symbol as a better representation of this light and darkness because even in the most beautiful person, a little darkness visits occasionally and even in the blackest soul, something inspired light along the journey.

I know that I have a little bit of brilliance even in my darkest moments and reciprocally, I have a touch of the dark side even when it's a bright and beautiful day. Hard and soft, black and white, and contrasts in energy and mood totally encompass the fashion world this year in many ways, from literal translation to a more figurative one. Either way, the balance has to be evident in collections, in each piece a designer creates, and then in the way the overall look conveys value to the audience and consumer. When I found this neat lighthouse in Second Life and cranked up my graphics input so I could get the scripts' full effects, I was wowed at what a difference the light aimed in my direction and when it was not made.
Look all around you, where you're sitting in your world, or in your virtual world, and look at how nature itself resonates loudly with this perfect balance. I encourage others, and remind myself, to embrace this balance and let it be the foundation for all things, from the most personal to the most professional, and make every pixel or every flair of your mascara wand mean something and show something of your inner balance. I'm a little bit sweet and a little bit naughty, a little bit grown up and I still embrace the child self that hides down deep inside me.
Today, it's a brilliant emerald green and the darkest of maroon, complimentary colors, bold jewelry and simple hair, elegant dress and platform pumps, walking in the light one moment, then turning to watch the shadow that follows the very next. Couture and the outdoors. I breathe in, and then out again, and walk or just wait, because the light comes round again even when I'm standing still.

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