Sunday, March 24, 2013

She's a Whole Lot Glam, Sweet Sugar, Sex and Spice

Though I have a very diverse past in Second Life, not to mention my life off line, especially in a period of my life I would reflectively call my youth, in recent years, I've been far more conservative and careful. Then I get an outfit like this one from Baboom! and I think wow, sexy, risque, pushing my envelope.

Friends from both genders don't seem to mind a little extra skin and the occasional peek of nipples, and tease me about becoming the little prude. I don't know when it happened either.

There was this fantastic club in Florida when I lived there that had a very adult themed night once a month that I wanted to visit at least once. I asked. And asked. And asked some more. Being married to the military means very strict boundaries at times, and the idea of being 'caught' in a club like that pushed too many anxiety buttons.

Somehow, eventually, I did convince him to take me. We went, and the place was incredibly crowded. It was about the size of a Waffle House with cages suspended around the room and dancer(s) in each of them. Other things happened on center stage, and everyone seemed to form a circle around the racy setting. Impulsively, I tore off my black sleeveless sweater to reveal a sexy black lace bra that matched my mini as well as the sweater had. Oh ... My ... Goodness! Yes, true story.

And if you want to know how it ended... lol. Ask me sometime!

Featured: Baboom Kylee Mesh Catsuit
1. Custom Shape
2. Poetic Eyes: Oriental Pearl
3. EMO-tions: Joshua
4. Finesmith: French Sky Nails
5. Mirror's Enigma: Medow Skins Light Skintone
6. Zuri's: Rayna Aloha Belly Jewel Baby Blue
7. ::pichi:: Adele Flat Booties
8. Vista Animation Poses

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