Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Time I Knew What Happiness Was...

Memories flood our senses in a way like nothing tangible could be described and they overtake us for the moment. Many times memories feel like something that just happened yesterday or last week, when in fact our time has passed greatly and the memory conjured comes from decades ago, another time, another place.

This week, my baby boy turned 21. It put life in perspective. And those memories of childhood, and all that happened in those 21 years came rushing over me, like the wind from a hurricane or a giant wave, so fiercely that for a brief time, I felt it all around me and inside me.

The musical CATS has a stage set almost like this one found at Image Essentials. It immediately brought the song and show to mind. The show itself is another crystal memory I have of a time long ago. I was 15 and dating a handsome young man who surprised me for my birthday by taking me to an off Broadway showing of CATS. I won't forget those special moments, and though some of them occurred a lifetime ago, they've shaped me. The same can be true of those who've impacted my life in Second Life. Some have known me since my first Caryn incarnation in 2005. Many disappeared, but I still have those memories tucked away in my heart as well. Every phase of life leaves us staring at the moon, reminiscing, looking back at our lives. I hope that each of you who pause to reflect on memories have something special on or off line that warms the heart and heals the soul.

"MemoryAll alone in the moonlightI can smile at the old daysI was beautiful thenI rememberThe time I knew what happiness wasLet the memory live again"--excerpt taken from Andrew Lloyd Webber's show CATS
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