Monday, March 11, 2013

Cowgirl, Eraser of Love, and I'm Invisible

No matter where I visit in Second Life, I find a cadre of places designed for kicking back and enjoy... the beach, the sunset, the cowgirl ranch, and so many other things.

I get frustrated sometimes, however, because many of those settings look amazing and yet no one present. Someone invested so much in these locations then they became as deserted as ghost towns of the American midwest.

I remember the very simple distribution of main land, First Land, charter members who turned their investment into multi-million dollar businesses, and only a select number of groups and places where those groups met.

Evolution of the platform itself, Second Life, made this place we share more and more dynamic, more creative, and in essence more fun for all sorts of activities. Evolution also ended up being a giant diaspora. Maybe it's a little like the Big Bang Theory, and as soon as Second Life had life breathed into it, it exploded and exponentially so.

Progress offers so many positives, but also allows for nostalgic memory of a simpler world. In a small world it's easy to embrace dreams and accolades that come from hard work. As the world grows, it's easy to become invisible if you're not passionately aggressively following your dream. Even if there are 412 models in Second Life and once upon a time there were only 12, it's still possible to follow the dream and earn the accolades. It just takes that much more time. One day, I know my story will end with "As she rode off into the sunset, she turned and shouted at the top of her lungs, 'Yeee Haaaw!!'" Maybe it's harder and easy to get lost and feel invisible in a sea of faces, but get in the saddle cowgirl, and ride like the wind.

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