Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Whisper to Me Softly

There are definitely creative moments in every artists life, but I think in general, a creative mind always operates in motion. When I have known a designer in Second Life for what feels like a long time, it's enjoyable to see how their personal craft evolves. They just keep getting better and better.

I enjoy the work of Carrie's Lingerie. She's done exactly as I described, just gotten better and better. With a trunk full of lingerie, it is rare for me to splurge, but what I love is the VIP membership I paid into a long while ago now, and the beautiful pieces that come free with the membership.

Like this gown Elisabeth... it isn't just a gown. There are multiple layers in many of Carrie's pieces. This March gift fits well into the Emerald of the season's hottest color as well as the luck of the Irish that comes with St. Patrick's Day. If you ever doubt whether it's worth it to join VIP/pay groups, this is one example of why I say wholeheartedly, YES!

Featured (NEW) Carrie's Lingerie Elisabeth Emerald
1. Custom Shape
2. Glam Affair Skin: Amerly
3. EMO-tions: Angel
4. Poetic Eyes: Autumn Moon
5. Face Paint: Aphrodite in Green
6. Chop Zuey: Joy Abounds Necklace + Love's Coming Earrings
7. N-Core: Caprice in Champagne
8. Props and poses provided at Carrie's Lingerie Photo Studio

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