Sunday, March 3, 2013

Snowpaws Events and Stuff

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Have you seen the new mermaid gown, sexilicious with or without the Lola Tango Appliers?

You can get the Silhouette Mermaid Gown in two colors, Night and Frost night shown above Frost shown below), and for regular avis...

As well as newly endowed avis looking for the top appliers for Lola Tango Mesh Breasts.

Multiple activities fill the Snowpaws Calendar this month so be ready for all that's in store for you.

Some people are addicted to one thing, others find something else appealing and at Snowpaws you're going to find a little taste of everything so no matter your interest, it's here! The Tango Train Hunt begins March 5 and runs through April 5. If that rings your bell, we know we'll be seeing you this month!

Fashion for Life - a part of the national Relay for Life fundraiser - begins this month as well and will raise money for a very good cause. This event has been in Second Life for many years and each year it has supported Cancer Research and touches many lives far beyond the not quite existent walls of this virtual world.

Another great event in which Snowpaws participates this March comes to you on St. Patrick's Day, and raises funds and awareness for Downs Syndrome.

The Event runs March 29 through April 14 and if you participate, you might just have that dream come true moment in Second Life where you can become the star. Snowpaws invests time and effort in a multitude of fun and this looks to be another way to add to that!

And Snowpaws includes the reminder of support for locations and people that have become important to Snowpaws including the Sweethearts Jazz Club Ballroom. If you haven't taken a sweetheart's night out, drop by Snowpaws for the sales, find a new release that fits you just right, and head over for a night you will remember!

Speaking of sales, Snowpaws has a more than a few regular sales events and this week you want to visit before the weekend ends to get them all.

Black is HOT and very current, though its hard to say if black ever goes out of style! This week's 60L item is this beautiful Serenity Tutu in Mink - short sweet, and such a treat to the eyes.

Another gorgeous look with black as its core color comes to you on sale with the Steals and Deals event - Seraphin Ebony Dress.

Simply the best is ... well... the best! This week Maua Flower Dress in Soft Rain has been discounted.

A NEW sales event called Pure Contagion has been added to Snowpaws list of great ways to save on beautiful clothing. The item Soleil Feather Dress in Plum tempts you as the first offering for this new sales list.

How did you find Snowpaws? Do you know that you can drop a note card in the answering machine in the store with the answer to that question and be entered that day in a contest where Snowpaws designer Carrie Snowpaw draws your name and gives you the prize of the day. Yes it's that easy!

Bring friends, bring SL newcomers -- Snowpaws is great for so so so so so many reasons!

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