Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Summertime... and the Livin` Is Easy (Fashion for Life Day 5)

I happen to work for a designer who's also amazing in other ways off line - she molds the minds of the next generation. This time of year always feels taxing when you work with young people, so I feel her exhaustion about now as we discuss work in world and life off line. This song came to mine, a famous song by Gershwin.

Mirror's Enigma has a great selection of items this week at Whore Couture. I had not yet been to this event and didn't realize it was already here! You can get three different skin tones and a selection of colors in the outfit as well. I love mesh and having mesh swimwear just makes sense. Now I know I wouldn't actually dive into the water wearing these boots, but I had to walk out on the diving board and look out over the water. It's summer time...

As for Fashion for Life, I have gone over to the dark side with this really amazing corset from {mv}. I feel so fortunate at times to just know these people, rub elbows with them as we say in the south, and soak up the creative genius.

For someone who's often seen as a sweet lil ladee, this really IS going to the dark side for me. Except that I'm not sure I'm a sweet lil lady to start with but I guess that's for others to decide. Who knows? Maybe it's just a really good mask and just behind this mask, I'm me, and I'm a handful!

Featured Mirror's Enigma (Whore Couture Fair) Iona Bronze Skintone
Featured Mirror's Enigma (Whore Couture Fair) Dreamy Black Eyes
Featured Mirror's Enigma (Whore Couture Fair) Iona Full Outfit Hot Pink
1. Custom Shape
2. Calico Ingmann: April Dark Mocha
3. [NikitaFride]: Long Eyelashes Ludic Drama
4. [S H O C K]: Animalier Nails
5. Finesmith: Belly Gem
6. HOC: Heavenly Rrose Necklace One Rose
7. Onyx Paw: Lip Piercing

Featured {mv} Unhinged Corsetry from Fashion for Life
Featured Mirror's Enigma Iona Native Skintone (Whore Couture Fair)
1. Custom Shape
2. EMO-tions: Seemiramis
3. Poetic Eyes: Autumn Moon
4. Gaeline: Mesh Lashes Mysteria
5. Face Paint: Caryn 3
6. Sexy Mama Valentine Nails
7. Donna Flora: Bonin Necklace and Earrings
8. TEN: Noma Highboots

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