Thursday, March 21, 2013

She Only Reveals What She Wants You to See

Music speaks to me. Maybe it speaks to everyone in some way or another. Depending on my mood and circumstances, different songs come to mind and I feel the passionately. It's one reason why I started using song titles or lyrics to name my blogs and my photos on Flickr.

Last time, I showed a simple innocent side of my personality viewed through the eyes of a playful child. We all have facets in our personality. I like to think of them as facets in a diamond, and we're all precious stones to reveal the occlusions and brilliance we were given by the great Creator.

If those photos represented my inner child's voice, this series takes another approach altogether, and a dark, more sinister side is revealed. Some people only know on of my many facets, while others who've known me longer have seen more shades of color and  diversity of character. I have that precocious innocence but I also have a dark and fierce streak running through me as well.

Many of us in the fashion industry have been told here and there to present a professional profile, thus our personal profiles in Second Life reveal only the facets of ourselves at times that 'work' well for business. Unfortunately, it's just like the masks we must wear off line and we don't always get to really know people well as a result. I wrestle with the concept of the 'real me' and realize that the real me is as diverse as the photographs I share with you week after week. Even when I use a shape like this from a designer, not my 'me' shape, I find a bit of me in it and try to embrace those feelings, even if briefly so, to evolve and become more of me than I was, always growing and trying new things.

Featured Dot-Be Fashion Violetta Black
Featured Scandelicious Karlie Shape
Featured EMO-tions Everlasting Jewelry
Featured Mirror's Enigma Sofia Dusk Skintone
1. Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver
2. [S H O C K]: Mesh Nails
3. EMO-tions: Irina Snow
4. Blackburns: 19th Century Classic Lace-up Booties
5. Poses from Vista Animations

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