Thursday, March 21, 2013

Through Innocent Eyes

I miss those days when I was young and could see the world though innocent eyes. Maybe we all do. When Scandelicious' shape creator asked me if I'd do a little girl shape, I said sure. It's fun to reminisce on a time in life before worries and fears shaped my future.

I have explored Second Life, searching for theme parks and carnivals and found in those moments, flying down a water slide built way up high, for a brief time, all the cares of the world push aside and I just laugh and remember the days of 'Wheeee!' and "Can we do that again?"

You don't have to have the right clothes or hair to be a 'little'. Many items that are mesh fit on avatars of all sizes. Maybe this weekend is the time to cut loose, do something frivolous and remember your own time of innocence. This sweet little shape from Scandelicious helped me dip my toes into positive old memories. I hope you find a way to revisit yours.

Featured Scandelicious Angel Shape
Featured *Baby Pie* Anna Grace
1. Poetic Eyes: Hot Mocca
2. [elikatira]
3. Mirror's Enigma: Nixie Light Skintone
4. Poses built into props

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