Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Fearless Leader of Snowpaws: Carrie Snowpaw

Simply amazing, this designer for Snowpaws! She sent me a pair of photos this morning and I know she teased about posting this to the blog, but it really was a cute suggestion, so...

...the amazing wonderwoman of a lady - REALLY she is that!! took one look at this little spot of trouble and said "I can fix that!" Because all of us who can design clothes in Second Life can fix dry wall and spackle and all sorts of other big words I don't even know!

And she did! Look at how marvelous. So if you need awesome clothes at great prices ORRR you need to hire your very own hard working fix-it lady for your home repairs, you know who to ask!

Love you Carrie. You rock and you roll!

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