Friday, March 8, 2013

Relay for Life: Fashion for Life 2013

It's more than just a role-playing game or a video game on steroids. Why? Because Second Life reaches out and touches millions. Though the 'modeling' world in Second Life might seem a little less than serious to those who do things with their time off line, so many women and men who've made a name or niche for themselves in Second Life use their 15 minutes of fame (Andy Worhol) and invest time and energy into charities of all sorts, raising money for everything from hurricane relief to scientific research funding. Tomorrow, the biggest event of the year as far as in game fund raising begins - Second Life's very own Relay for Life involvement. (This year, this event is being called Fashion for Life). No matter where you go or who you know, someone in your world has been touched with cancer and many have lost loved ones to this deadly disease. So how can an online game raise money? Designers of all kinds join together and sell items they've created, not for profit of their own but to benefit the research for a cure for Cancer.

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