Tuesday, October 8, 2013

After a Whole Do-see-do -- Spin Your Partner -- Featuring Charleston Enterprises and Miss Charleston Belle

I not usually nearly so upsidaisies, up one minute down the next, but it's my current health and life and in that, I find I have myself in check, double check and triple check. I want to make sure I represent those who have been so kind in offering me support in the best light possible, with all the information they want shared.

In recent weeks, I posted a note about the redo of the Miss Charleston Belle Pageant. The first time I published something here, it was following a conversation with Ms. Sagia Monroe. It's her agency that has been working behind the scenes to make this pageant happen.

When we spoke, she shared some broad strokes of why there were a few inconsistencies related to the first Miss Charleston Belle that I'd read about as have many of you, and the rationale behind the decision to redo the contest.

I really only spoke to the one person, as I was a curious bystander at the time, nothing more. Since that time, I've joined the group of leaders who organize events, host some dynamic stores, and offer beautiful services as well as goods on the Charleston Enterprises property. I've heard a few others explain the redo of the Pageant, and for what they've shared, I understand that there were inconsistencies the first time.

To be fair to those women who'd committed to the pageant and had no idea about the behind the scenes conflict, the Charleston Enterprises awarded those women who'd placed in the first pageant with the Linden prizes related to first, second and third places. Then they announced to those ladies that there had been inconsistencies, they were welcome to participate as they revamped and offered the redo to the public as a whole.

That brings me up to date I think. The pageant will take place much like the first time through, with prizes and all that people love about pageants. Eventually, a new "Miss Charleston Belle" will be crowned. I'm happy to be working with the people who make the sim Charleston Belle beautiful, and some of the designers are sponsors on my blog now, from the Charleston Lace Premiere Shopping District.

For more information, you can visit the sim, talk to those involved, and see where you might find a niche and get plugged in...

I apologize for printing a blog with some of this shared before, then removing it. I heard from a couple of people involved in the original pageant who felt I had not presented both sides of the information and had in fact only spoken to one person. That was true. I'd only spoken to Sagia Monroe. And way way back in Journalism class, I remember the 'sources' to prove your prose class, where it always took more than one source to print an article.

Now that I have spoken to the owners, the managers of the store and the property and the manager of the modeling company who hosts the pageant, I feel like I'm more equipped to post this blog note, as a means of supporting the Charleston Belle property and all the pageantry and fun to come.

Thanks for your patience!

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  1. And yet, here you are, back again, and still only posting one side of the story. Did you even try to contact the person who ran the previous contest? Or those who competed in it to get their side of the story? Of course not. Instead here you repeat the slanders of the sim owners, people who "could not be bothered" (direct quote from one of the owners) to help the person who did run the contest, nor be bothered to read any of the updates she gave them daily on the progress of the contest, nor provide requested help.

    Good for you, you talked to more people who had nothing to do with the original pageant, and think you are better equipped to judge the previous one. Well, you aren't. Have you talked to the store owners who left the sim because of how the sim owners acted during the last pageant? Read the blogs by the previous contestants? No. Instead, you have done enough to make yourself sound more balanced, and slander the people who ran the last pageant without any justification, and without any attempt to get their side of it.

    Of course, now that your blog is sponsored by people on the sim, there's no room for personal bias on your side, is there?

    The decision to redo the pageant and lie about the person who ran it before was made by the sim owners for personal reasons to cover up their not wanting to be bothered with reading the notecards they were given nor even meet the contestants or participate in any other way. If you wanted to be fair, you should have said the "alleged inconsistencies."