Saturday, October 5, 2013

In Celebration of Milestones Featuring an Array of Gifts from KL Couture

This past week, KL Couture celebrated a big milestone. I showed you the 1000th member dress and I wanted to go back through the past months gifts, as they're out and available still, plus show you this month's group gift.

April's gift, Camille, was an almost unbuttoned long top over those extremely low riser type pants. It's a simple casual look, great for all sorts of ways to spend your Saturday and Sunday.

May's gift, Gloria, has a similar feel to the one offered in April, but you have a pair of shorts, and the top does button all the way. More skin shows but in different places, allowing you again to have a fun, casual look perfect for all those simple pleasures weekends offer.

June definitely reminded me of club wear, the gold Lena. The very slinky sequined mini dress shimmered in the sunlight as I set up for this photo. It catches light perfectly and enhances all your curves.

Aurore in July presented a very neat twist on the mono-kini that was then turned into a mono-kini-dress. The halter top definitely exposes as much skin as any bikini would, then hips are displayed on the left, while the right side has a bit of skirt fluttering around the leg and right ankle.

August's gift, Marcia, offered a half shirt, short plaid shorts, and a belt. This little 'get-up' continued the summer theme of playful, casual, and free spirited fun.

With September's arrival, Darla seemed perfect for those still sunny days, but with the right little jacket, Darla could be worn even as temperatures cool.

Last, but not least, the newest group gift for October called Laura brings the first snuggly clothing, the knit of the sweater definitely designed to ward off that coming autumn chill.

For Each Outfit, I used the KL Couture Item Plus These Accessories
1. IKON: Sunrise Eyes Steel Blue Pale
2. Hairoin: Sparrow (new)
3. Sexy Mama Valentine Sculpted Nails
4. [Mirror's Enigma]: Sapphire Tan Skintone
5. FuLo: Watch Silver
6. KL Couture: Opium Luxe Sandals
7. In-Pose and Manifeste Poses

You've seen a couple of these gifts on my blogs elsewhere but I wanted to present them to you all at once so you could see the effusive fun that comes with celebrating milestones. KL Couture reached it's 1000th member, but it's only just beginning. Join KL Couture and grow as it grows!

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  1. Wow! Thank you, dear Caryn for this awesome post and for your incredible support. It's wonderful to have you in my SL world.
    Warm hugs and kisses, hun :)