Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Life Is In the Details -- Featuring [Mirror's Enigma] and N-Core

I think it's easy to lose sight of the direction I'm headed. It's something I find easy to do on or off line. I set goals. I learned that idea some long time ago in a galaxy far far away but it doesn't mean that I do it regularly or that I do so successfully. I'd like to think I did, but I know I falter.

I do like to daydream. Maybe it's not so strange that my daydreams have very little to do with reality or goal setting. I don't know what the content of a daydream should be or if some psychologist somewhere has defined it. I know that my daydreams often include things in life I know I won't be able to do, but would love to do.

Whether I'm looking forward to a future that I can control or dreaming about one that is unlikely, I realize that I rarely pay attention to the details of those thoughts. Broad strokes make sense in the thinking phase of decisions. I would like to be recognized as a Second Life Top Model. I would like to visit Ireland. Both are true. Both exclude any details. Yet, I could sit and ponder for hours on either of those short sentences.

When I look back at things I've done or places I've traveled or people I've known, my brain dances. Memories are funny little things, and in them, the scent of a moment or the song of a moment make a difference and that moment stores away in our mind till something triggers it, and we remember every casual nuance and every precious thing.

Maybe the skills to dream and the means to remember come from very different parts of the brain, or utilize different synapses. There's probably some scientific answer at the molecular level. Meanwhile, I daydream with big ideas, and I reflect down to the minutiae and find both satisfying. I know, as I sit and type, life really exists in the details, so whatever happens, I'll have those treasured bits and bites of data to hold on to for the rest of my existence.

Featuring [Mirror's Enigma] Luisa Collection
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