Saturday, October 12, 2013

I Try To Follow the Rules -- Featuring Loordes of London from Boho Culture Fair 2013

Loordes of London Main Store

This week I began to receive items from stores that I've never worked with previously. That's the exciting part of blogging an event like the Boho Culture Fair. I never know which designers will toss things my way, what those things might be and what they need or expect from a blogger.

As I read through Loordes of London's requests, I thought to myself, I could do this, for this event, for these people, but it would be a bit more of a challenge if I were to do it for every blog every time I blogged. I think it comes down to what each of us invest in and that's really okay.

I'm quick to share with others how they can depend on me and when they can depend on me. I in essence give out my own little packet of rules, and if the person accepts what I can offer and maybe a little more difficulty but does accept the things I cannot offer, then I do everything in my power to live up to those agreed upon expectations.

I've heard a lot lately about designers who are etching out more expectations for their bloggers. They do so for many reasons, and as I am my own brand and always trying to make sure my brand offers the very best possible, I have to assume that designers do the same and their rules and expectations for their bloggers have a purpose.

So I put together this little set of photos for Loordes of London, and their items for sale at the Boho Culture Fair. I'm glad I got to work with the colorful items. I added hair by a brand new store as well, from [Underscore] and I was glad to work with that designer as well for the first time. I also used new skin and makeup from Kyxe Skin and Shapes. Hopefully via my presentation, you feel inspired to check out the coming Fair as well as Loordes of London's main store, [Underscore]'s new store and Kyxe Skin & Shapes, which has a terrific new build under way that will thrill everyone!

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