Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sitting On an Idea -- Featuring Image Essentials Pair Poses

I tend to be a PG or PG-13 type blog. I'm not particularly prudish. It's just been part of my overall sense of style. I do try to blog everything I'm sent and to the best of my abilities.

Kay Weston at Image Essentials is one of the sweetest ladies I know, and a woman I respect for a number of reasons.

She's done a whole array of poses, and I've blogged for her several times. Two other pose maker/content creators work on her sim, Image Essentials, and it's so much more than a few stores with pose makers.

When she and I discussed this series of photos that are distinctly suited to personal, private 'bedroom' time in my vocabulary, we had a good time talking about them.

She did warn me that they were a little outside my normal comfort zone, but I understood, and accepted the package with a smile. I'd come up with something.

I rarely ever keep any items in my 'To Blog' folder longer than a week, and these have been in my folder for almost a month. Ack! I know!!

It's not even that I'm prude. I'm probably the quintessential southern belle, where a lady is always a lady until she's behind bedroom doors.

I don't have one of those special intimate relationships behind bedroom doors in Second Life. I'm not adverse to the idea. It just hasn't happened in a long time.

I rarely ever post someone's vendor photos on my blog anymore. I have in the past and always for specific reasons. In this case, I wanted to advertise her new releases, a new tangent she'd gone with for pair posing, and expose others to her work.

This was my solution. It would be nice to know someone well enough to set up and share my own interpretations of these great pose sets, but for now, that's not part of my Second Life.

If this isn't in your field of interest, I completely understand. I can only share what Kay sent me and tell you why she's so valued by me. She manages an entire sim set up for photographers, with sets she creates, things she buys from all over the grid to create her different sets, a series of poses loaded into standard photo studios and so much more, and she allows group members free use. She doesn't even charge you to join her group.

I think the world of her, and whatever your lifestyle choices, your interests, inside or outside your bedroom, I think you'll find a whole array of great pose pairs and singles for all sorts of occasions.

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