Thursday, October 31, 2013

Looking For A Piece Of the Past -- Featuring Zanze, [Mirror's Enigma], N-Core, .::Shellac::., Lyr!cal B!zarre

This evening, I spent over an hour searching for my wedding tape. VHS. Yes. Old School. I tried to remember the name of a song, and then tried to remember who sang it, and I don't know either answer. I don't tend to collect memorabilia. I just don't. But I do wish I knew where the tape was.

It all began simply enough, one of those silly conversations that popped up last night and continued on to this evening. "What song is OUR song?" my sweetheart asked me. See, I make up little songs to sing to the Yorkies I call my bad children. I used to make up little songs for my sons when they were young.

It's certainly not by lack of connection or special things we've done in our lives. I know that we've got a lifetime of memories already, and celebrate our 24th anniversary in May. I just never had to entertain or calm my sweetheart. I created those little songs for the children and the other children out of need.

My memory may be more like memory foam, with loads of air holes where thoughts used to be, and the location of that video tape may remain hidden for a few more months or years. I don't have a little song that represents my connection to the most special man in my life.

I'm blessed. He is a piece of my past, but he's also a piece of my present and I know that as long as we both shall live, he will be a piece of my future. If the time arose where I felt a need to entertain him, or calm him with a song, I'm sure I'd come up with something.

Featuring Zanze Helen Gown Black
Featuring N-Core Venus Black
Featuring [Mirror's Enigma]: Peach Skintone and F2W Shape
Featuring .::Shellac::. Put On Your Face Mum
Featuring Lyrical Bizarre Autumnal Jewelry Set
1. IKON: Ascension Eyes Coffee
2. Hairoin: Philandra Uriel
3. Quintessencia: Nail WF Square I
4. Di's Opera Poses
5. Miamai Poses

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