Friday, November 1, 2013

A Teeter Totter -- Featuring Evolve

When I was younger, the play scapes at home and at school were nothing close to safe. I think people started getting anxious about their little ones burning their bottom on the slide or falling off the top of a slide that let you climb the distance normally used to measure one story in a building.

One of the things I never see on the new friendlier, safer play scapes today - Teeter Totters. They're also called See-Saws. Since the US East coast has two terms for the same toy, there are likely many others around the world. I played on all the dangerous things, the slide I already mentioned, the swings and of course the spin till you fall off or spit up merry-go-round.

Thankfully, I'm no worse for the wear. Most of the kids of my era seemed to grow up just fine, mostly safe even if they made rather silly choices in a less than careful world. I wonder if the people who create play scapes realize they're creating mirrors of a world that taught us to close our eyes and hang on tightly.

I spent the better part of childhood on the teeter totter as the child who was too light to make their side go down, so I was at the mercy of the bigger kids. I squealed and screamed, all the fun stuff little girls do.

In my current world, at the age I'm at, I still feel like I'm on life's teeter totter. It would be nice if a squeal or scream could pause or change the ups and downs of my now. I would live in a very noisy house! Live! Laugh! Love!

Featuring Evolve Purple Passion
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