Friday, November 8, 2013

Collaboration and Cuffs -- Featuring Zanze, Finesmith, 55L, Bliss

This week I've chatted with a couple of people who asked for a quick moment of help and the experiences where collaboration ends up occurring always make me smile. This week, one especially made me chuckle and I warned Kay Weston that I'd talk about it on my blog sometime soon. Kay is one of the three women, Kay Weston, Nikki Wildmist and Allysondwyer, who work on the sim Image Essentials.

I have done a little project here and there with Kay and this time, she did a page in the group for anyone who could help. I piped up and she sent a teleport. When I landed, she was saying "As you land, I'm handing you each a pair of handcuffs. Go ahead and put them on..." I chuckled! These are not necessarily words you're used to hearing when you land for a modeling shoot, but you never know, do you?!

This music box set is an example of what you can find on the Image Essentials sim. There are studios for photos, set studios for a variety of uses, as well as sets all over the sim for unique photos. After I took the photos and took them to edit them, I was talking to another friend in Facebook and showed him one of the photos. He's got an artistic eye and while I worked on the basic editing, cropping the pictures and so forth, he was creating the smaller photo in the photo here. I thought it was lovely and said that I would include Trav Solar's work after I saw it.

A lot of work a blogger does happens in their little corner of the grid, or even off SL in editing and on blogspot writing, and in Flickr uploading. I celebrate the beauty of Zanze's gown Helena and loved this week's 55L special at Finesmith as I set up this series of photos. I fell in love with the prop and the whole composition instead of cutting down the size.

Thanks to Kay Weston and the other ladies at Image Essentials and also thanks to Trav Solar, for making today's blog a collaborative effort and to Kay for figuring out how to introduce cuffs so slyly into a day's work!

Featuring Zanze Helena Gown Purple
Featuring Finesmith 55L (November 8-10) Ethnic Collection Earrings 1
Featuring Bliss Xaphyre
1. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Orchid
2. [S H O C K]: Starshine Glitter
3. Face Paint: Lip 2
4. Face Paint: Gem Eyes Bronze
5. Face Paint: Blonde Brow
6. WoW: Diva Lashes
7. IKON: Sunrise Eyes Steel Blue Pale
8. Taken on site at Image Essentials with poses in Music Box prop

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