Wednesday, November 13, 2013

When Dreams May Come -- Featuring MADesigns, KL Couture, and [Mirror's Enigma}

Each step I take on this amazing journey called life brings me to new experiences, new people, and new challenges. Sometimes I find the path the most taxing and sometimes it seems sprinkled with pixie dust and nearly magical in it's simplicity and beauty. I keep each new detail as precious, because in the light or in the darkness, there are treasures to be discovered. When I first began this modeling foray, it was meant to be a distraction for a little time and then...

Little by little, it stole bits of my heart. I wanted to achieve this goal, and then another goal came along and I wanted to reach it. Before long, the other things I did in Second Life were the distraction and this thing I do now was my primary focus. I loved the other wheres I'd been but I don't think I've ever had the same passion for projects and progress like I do now with modeling and blogging. And despite the fact that my health limits me from casting for shows or making appointments...

I still find ways to really get involved in things behind the scenes. And then there is this thing I'm doing right now. Typing. Text. My blog. I feel like I've missed out on something if I don't write in it at least once a day. It's become a journal of sorts. I've always thought that journals were a great way to process life and help deal with all the things that we all face daily but I haven't really been a consistent journal keeper till I became a blogger. I didn't know that it would lead...

In the direction it has taken me till I was already on my way there. Each time I'm welcome to a new group to blog, I thrill at the opportunity. As I've grown in my time in Second Life modeling and blogging, new opportunities have come. This week, I had a wonderful conversation with the blog coordinator for KMADD and then Maddox Dupont, the designer behind MADesigns and overwhelmed with the privilege to blog for his products.

I think we all have goals. Some of us are more vocal about them, and sometimes we growl when we cannot achieve them. When they do come to pass, and when dreams come true, it's also a treat to have friends with which to share these triumphs. I eagerly listen for and watch for your joyful moments, and appreciate your support and cheering when I find mine. Live! Laugh! Love!

Featuring KL Couture Nydia Ocelot Dress
Featuring KL Couture Nydia Ankle Boots
Featuring KL Couture The Eye of God Silver/Brown
Featuring [Mirror's Enigma] Heather Cosmetics Eyes - Enchant
Featuring MADesigns Hair Anessa
Featuring MADesigns Hair Eve
Featuring MADesigns Eyes Confidence
Featuring MADesigns Eyelashes Diva
1. [Mirror's Enigma]: Heather Medium Skintone Dread/LightBrow
2. [Liv-Glam]: Charlize Leggings
3. (Kunglers): Medusa Earrings
4. AIDORU: Mood Bracelet
5. Osmose: Butterfly On Mouth
6. Miamai Poses, Vista Animation Poses in AO

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