Monday, November 11, 2013

Moody Blues -- Featuring Romance Couture, FINESMITH, {{BSD}}, Kyxe and Bliss

Though the gown Meroacain from Romance Couture looks bluesy, there's a sweet beauty to it to me. Sometimes grey skies, soft misty rain and cooler temperatures make the world feel peaceful. When I put on the gown, I had that same sense. Most of the things I choose are brightly colored, to encourage a positive energy. I often tell friends in quiet conversation, that we have to have one side of life to appreciate the other.

To me, there's something beautiful in everything, even the grey and rainy days. I think that life's like that also, and in the most troublesome moments, things that make you feel blue and lonely end up having a silver lining if you can maintain balance and patience long enough to find it. Once I discover the silver lining, it makes it easier to appreciate the change. Everything doesn't have to be bright and colorful to be wonderful and lovely.

The gown made me feel a sense of peace. I think that's why certain colors are painted in hospital rooms and classrooms. But this gown is also elegant with a gentle appeal that could not exist in hospital rooms or classrooms! When I accessorize different looks I do for the blog, I think of ways to enhance the main feature. In this case, there are diamonds and a silver lining. I've often thought of tears as nature's way of painting diamonds on our faces.

{{BSD Design Studio}} has these diamond shoes Glam Futuristic Supermodel Diamond at the Dream's Way fundraiser. It's a virtual pixelated bit of treasure, the diamond itself, but also a bit of treasure of the heart, as the beauty of the donation and the generous nature of the creator to contribute the funds earned from the shoes refract the light of the soul and touch many. Another amazing glimmer comes from Fashion Limited this month, FINESMITH's Louise set.

Life may bring moody blues, but we get more from them than we might realize. There are always going to be glimmers of hope and beauty if we pause to find them. Live! Laugh! Love!

Featuring FINESMITH from Fashion Limited Louise Necklace, Earring and Eye Gem
Featuring {{BSD Design Studio}} from Dream's Way Fundraiser Glam Futuristic Supermodel Diamond
Featuring Romance Couture - }RC{ - Marocain Steel Vendor
Featuring Kyxe Vixen Eyeshadow Ocean
Featuring Bliss Sonne Hair
1. IKON: Sunrise Eyes Steel Blue Pale
2. Gaeline: Mysteria
3. Face Paint: Black Liner
4. Quintessencia: WF II Model Square I
5. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Orchid Skintone
6. Kyxe Skins & Shapes Glamour Lips Ombre Ocean
7. Manifeste Poses

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