Tuesday, November 26, 2013

In Love With Love -- Featuring FINESMITH and Christmas Market Items by [CIRCA], AsMoOt, and Odelitte

Relationships on Second Life have a unique shelf life. Some of them work like a firecracker. One moment the various chemical elements realize they've met and found a good match and the very next minute, it's exploding into a wild array of color and sound.

Despite being argued, debated and ultimately come to an point with various friends at various times on this same subject, I conjecture that most of the relationships I've seen friends dip into were very much related to those fireworks, and the moment the sparkles happened, they shared a sense of lustful fun.

The thing is, with lust, it really is vivid, flashy and fun. All the energy in the world may be exchanged. You don't even really have to know the other person.

If you can and do take longer than ten minutes to get from point a to point firecracker exploding in the air, more power to you. However, what do you do after the sparks fly and the explosion occurs? Is there something even stronger than a temporary chemical trip that lends itself well to entertainment?

One of the great ironies to me continues to be in that aftermath. I'm not trying to be gender biased, but I have spoken to far more female friends at this point in relationships than males and males could have similar experiences or completely different ones. Let's assume I have some exposure to some women after some settings that leave them 'post firecracker' trying to define the relationship.

I hear the term 'love' bandied about a lot. I've decided that rather than being in love with Mr. Firecracker-Wow-Rock-My-World, it's far more likely that my friends who continue to seek the next big explosion really never intended to find love. I think it's far more likely that they're in love with the idea of love, but in the meantime, the firecrackers prove to be a perfectly good distraction.

Featuring FINESMITH Yulia Silver Earrings, Necklace and Bracelets
Featuring AsHmOoT AW Coll Dolly Pumps from Christmas Market
Featuring Odelitte Winter Tunic White from Christmas Market
1. Kyxe Skins & Shapes:
- Orchid Skintone
- Devine Eyeshadow - Sunset
- Alabaster Lips - Golden Kiss for Pale Skin
2. Candy Nail: Enishi White
3. MADesigns:
- Eyelashes ~ Perfection
- Eyes - Confidence ~ Intense Depth
4. Truth: Amelie Streaked
+ [CIRCA] Village Holiday Cookie Tree
+ [CIRCA] Winter Holiday Modern Vase
+ [CIRCA] Winter Holiday Candle Blue
Christmas Market Open at  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Atlantis%20City%202/27/101/1224

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