Sunday, November 24, 2013

There's a Tree This Year! -- Featuring [DarkWing], [Wolf&I], [F F], h.m.e.a.m., IOS Poses, J&A, .::Shellac, and AIDORU

Me and the holidays have to come to terms with one another every year. I have hope some years and tend to be a bit like Scrooge other years. Last year I didn't ever put together the tree.

When I woke from a midday nap, my tree was up and ready for decoration this year. I was like a happy child on Christmas morning. I even have special ornaments I have gotten the past two years that are from 'collectible' sites, that have never been used. I think it will be a pretty tree!

How could *I* be Scrooge-like? This open bit of positive energy reporting to you from a variety of places all over Second Life? Well it's not the holidays themselves. It's the expectations. Each year, to me, it has felt like holidays demand more and yet feel less personal.

I contend that the only person who can fix it, however, is me. Or you. One by one. We either let it the beautiful time of year be marred by the commercialism that detracts from its beauty or we don't. This year, I've decided I will not!

Too much about the holiday and it's not even December? Well considering I didn't really do anything that remotely looked or felt like the holiday in my world off line last year, I'm just catching up and embracing it with joy.

I wish the same to you. Live! Laugh! Love!

Featuring [Dark Wing Productions] Christmas Mesh Hat from Christmas Market
Featuring [Wolf&I] Silent Night Sweater - Holly from Christmas Market
Featuring [Fashion Fears] HighWaist Leggings Black *rare from Christmas Market
Featuring h.m.a.e.m. Transom Earrings from Christmas Market
Featuring IOS Pose w/Gift Box (poses in boxes) from Christmas Market
Featuring J&A Rock Culture Mesh Scarf from Christmas Market
Also Featuring .::Shellac Put On Your Face Exotical 2
Also Featuring .::Shellac Dual Shadow Blue and Grey (headshot)
Also Featuring AIDORU Anastasia Pinky Ballerina Shoe Flats
1. EMO-tions: Anna
2. Gaeline: Mysteria
3. Face Paint: Round French Nails
4. MADesigns: Eyes Confidence ~ Dark Path
5. [Mirror's Enigma]: Heather Peach Skintone
6. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Kyxe Cherry Blossom Gloss

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