Monday, November 4, 2013

The Coolest Movie Ever -- Featuring Kungler's, Luziefee, [[Masoom]] and [Mirror's Enigma]

I imagine we all have our own unique taste in things. Some like chocolate. I don't care for it so much. I also don't care for cake. Traditionally, you get birthday cakes but I always got a birthday pie. I also have unique taste when it comes to movies. I invest passionately in science fiction above all other things. And I rarely choose what some people would call 'chick flicks.'

I've never worried about marching to my own beat. Maybe my childhood prepped me for that, or maybe everyone's childhood does. I really never enjoyed group think, and if a group thought anything, I'd often stubbornly take another path instead of joining them. I know there are fallacies in taking it that far but I still recognize that in my personality. Take me or leave me. I hope you take me!

I love Riddick. Period. It's the best movie ever written. I love the dry blunt humor. I love the character. I love how they warn you at the beginning that we're used to the concept of fighting evil with good but in some cases,  like this one, you end up fighting evil with another sort of evil. The dialogue and I are friends. I notoriously quote the story as it progresses.

I got to thinking about my taste in favorite movie and realized it would be intriguing to know what favorite things people do in Second Life. My favorite places in Second Life rotate around my current interests and in the past 8 years since I first joined in March 2005 as a Caryn Gorky, my interests have been quite diverse. I probably don't know 1/10th of what people do in Second Life, but I'd like to know.

I love the Chronicles of Riddick. Yes, I've heard there is a sequel. No. I haven't seen it yet. I imagine there are in essence sequels to things I tried years ago in SL, and things I should revisit. I like to evaluate self and plan for the next year as a year comes close to its end. Many of the goals I set for 2013 have been wonderful, almost as wonderful as Riddick at times! I know 2014 will be great too and I'll find my path, just as I always do. I hope the path includes walking a little time with you.

Featuring Kunglers Medusa Earring from Dressing Room Fusion
Featuring Luziefee Angelica Peeptoe Ankleboots Forest
Featuring [[Masoom]] Ruined Cropped Sweater Moss - Gacha Garden 
Featuring [Mirror's Enigma] Heather **Pre-Release Devious/LightBrow
1. IKON: Sunrise Eyes Steel Blue Pale
2. EMO-tions: Curly Hair Base
3. Gaeline: Fantasia
4. Slink: Elegant 1
5. Diamond Style: Cora 1 Hat
6. Lyrical Bizarre: Hearts Necklace
7. !Aphorisms Bootcut Jeans: Hipster Bootcut Jeans
8. Vista Animations: Poses

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