Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Behind Bars -- Featuring Dot-Be Fashion, [NikotiN], ::Marshmallows::, and Delirium Style

Help! I'm in jail! Okay, I admit. I went searching for a jail where I could film these photos. I had to find a place that really looked like a jail and a place that wasn't ultra busy so I wouldn't have people who came into the camera's view while I was setting up the photos, and asking questions or worse yet, trying to interact with me as if I were in the jail as a set up for some role-play. Places like that are not so easy to find in Second Life. It seems loads of people LIKE being in jail!

Strangely enough, when I got the new [NikotiN] clever little cigarette set, I knew I wanted to blog from a jail cell. I also knew finding one that would not be crowded would be a challenge. Most jails seem to be on Adult sims with all sorts of tricks and traps set up for the epitome of play. I didn't want to step into anyone's trap and have to explain. No no. Really. I'm not here to be... stop. No. Wuf? Really? Okay. I finally ended up here in this little basement room with walls and bars and little else.

I have heard references to jail in all sorts of literature, the movies, and pop music. The allusion to life, where our worlds are bound up behind bars, restrictions, limitations, past choices, makes sense. It's not that different from the physical world, the rock and mortar and the old rusty iron. If I were passionately avid about escaping, I imagine the rust would work in my favor and over time I could wiggle my way out of such a setting. I have to imagine in like manner that I would do the same in life.

I know that those who've lived in an institution like a prison for a good portion of their life have a hard time wanting to come out from behind the bars. Somewhere in their world, the bars became a security that kept them where they actually felt safe. They learned the rhythm of the prison, the day, the night, the people's faces, and what was permitted. Then they learned to beat the system, and get items that were not permitted. I don't think anyone who's been in that situation said, "OH I LOVE IT HERE!"

I get the idea, the being institutionalized, the getting comfortable within a setting, even if the setting is putting bars on your windows and bars on your heart. If it's been a while, and you haven't acknowledged your own bars, things holding you back, I encourage you to take a deep breath of bravery and rattle that rusty cage door till it comes off its hinges. Fight to get back into your life, and do it with head held high. You can't fail if you don't try. You must try.

Life behind bars will always be less than ideal. Only you can make the decision to do something about it. I pray that you do. Take baby steps. Don't rely on the patterns and consistency of the world you're in now, even if there's a sense of peace and understanding. Don't get so comfortable with wherever you've caged yourself in that you don't realize it's a cage. Always... Live! Laugh! Love!

The Dot-Be Aviator Jacket and [NikotiN]'s new cigarette set inspired me. One thing I really love about Dot-Be... every time I try something new from there, it takes me some new 'where' in my head, and shows a diverse style. Not only does Boniefacio create a whole array of women's things from exquisite formals to urban grunge, he does men's things as well, so if you haven't been by to see, it's worth the trip!

Featuring Dot-Be Fashion Aviator Jacket and Shirt
Featuring ::Marshmallows:: Nu Sneakers
Featuring Delirium Style Easy Slim Jeans 01
Featuring [NikotiN] Cigarette Premium
1. Pure Poison: Snowman Earrings
2. EnvyMe Samia Skin Fair Light Collection With Makeup
3. Kyxe: Exotic Liner Dual Point
4. Face Paint: Eartha Black Lips
5. Sexy Mama Sculpted Nails
6. Nikita: Double Density Lashes
7. EMO-tions: Nova
8. IKON: Sunrise Eyes Steel Blue Pale
9. Poses Built In w/Cigarette