Sunday, November 3, 2013

How Hard It Can Be To Say No -- Featuring [Mirror's Enigma] **Prerelease**, .::Shellac::.

Life has a way of teaching us lessons. For me, sometimes, I have to repeat the lesson and repeat the lesson and repeat the lesson. Until... I finally learn the lesson. And sometimes I STILL get it incorrect again later. Ugh!

One of those lessons continues to reappear in my life. I like being involved with so many things and meeting so many people. I really enjoy the building of relationships. To me, they're the only glue holding me together. I feel like some form of symbiosis should exist in all my relationships.

I feel like my world is better and brighter because someone else is in it, and reflexively, I hope that their world is better and brighter because I'm in theirs. I know that love is an action verb and actions speak louder than words. I know that I want to show those I love that I love them in so many ways.

When someone I know, or even someone I don't know, pitches me an idea, a concept, something he or she really wants to accomplish, I get excited with them and for them. If they ask for my help, I feel responsible as a friend to encourage them in any way possible, and that I should get involved.

Somewhere inside me, I know that my relationships don't really hinge on what I do or don't do for my friends. I know there are times they have great ideas and I can cheer them on but don't have to join them or show them my heart by doing something for them. I know this. Yet for me, I struggle with the two letter word - No.

Maybe one has to be twice the age of an old mama dinosaur and in time, I'll learn this lesson once and for all. For now, I ask quite honestly, "How hard can it be to say no?" I really do hope it grows easier one day, but for now, it's not. Live! Laugh! Love!

Featuring Pre-Release! [Mirror's Enigma] Heather Medium Skintone
Featuring [Mirror's Enigma] Stella's Couture Dress Black
Featuring .::Shellac::. Slink French Nails
1. IKON: Sunrise Eyes Steel Blue Pale
2. Bliss Hair: Lexa
3. Gaeline: Starlia
4. Slink: Advanced Hands Elegant 1
5. {{BSD Design Studio}}: Fashion Show Front Row Black Velvet
6. Finesmith: Saturday Gold Set
7. [LAP]
8. [[Masoom]]: Poses

**What is a pre-release blog? This is new to me also. The first time the new Heather Skin made its debut, it was from the recent Boho Fair. Now it will come out with all the things you've come to love about [Mirror's Enigma], with a few new extras. I show the Medium Skintone option with a bright red lip. She's stated that she continues to perfect the best combination of eyes and lips, colors she's been asked to make, and design suggestions by friends, customers and other bloggers. Over the next few days I'll share Heather as I do my Look of the Day. You will find Heather for sale next weekend at [Mirror's Enigma].

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