Thursday, November 21, 2013

What Would You Do To Find Paradise? -- Featuring Dot-Be Fashion, AIDORU, and MADesigns

This afternoon, I watched a movie that I'd never seen before and I was pretty sure I'd seen all the Leonardo DiCaprio movies. But it seems I'd missed one, one that Rotten Tomatoes gave 19%; what do they know?

The movie really isn't about anything special, except that it's one of those coming of age stories, and it's a search for utopia theme as well. Maybe in our early twenties we all think that with the right moves, the right line to pick up the right partner, we craft our own utopia and come of age in the process.

The super-man, I can survive anything days of our teens pass away but the energy and passion push us forward towards that dream of something. Maybe it's the perfect wedding, or a child or a job with all the things we've trained to do and now ready to apply.

I'm going to step out on a limb (pun intended related to the photo sequence) and guess that no matter where I lived in the world or what my gender, faith and so forth included, that twenty something time would still be magical for me. I would still have the passion and the need to find paradise.

The pretty girls and handsome guys made the movie definite eye-candy. The story line was basic and true. I do think we all spend some time in our life searching for a utopia. We'd each define what that word meant differently but we'd be seeking, ever seeking.

Then somewhere in the time between those twenties and the age (yes I'm an old dinosaur) I am, reality tips its hat. It isn't a bad thing. Reality just is a life thing. Maybe we grow up, or grow wise, or learn from experience. It's still possible to be eye-candy with lots of exercise or lots of money but that search for utopia has been replaced with something else.

I hope your something else brings you joy, peace, balance and warmth. I think of my twenties, raising children, their wonder at the world, and all the things that made that amazing and I think of the holidays now, and the things that are special and worth every moment now. I wish you only the best.

Live! Laugh! Love!

Featuring Dot-Be Fashion Ponchi Geometric 3
Featuring AIDORU My Roses Perfect Fit Flats
Featuring MADesigns Eyelashes ~ Sweet Girl
Featuring MADesigns Tattoo ~ Lace
1. Zuri's: Carly Ice
2. OUTBREAK: Festive Hat
3. [Mirror's Enigma]: Heather Peach Skintone
4. [elika]: E Say All
5. blackLiquid: Liquid Glame Mykonos Blue
6. Poses built into prop at Sune's Snowfalls Valley

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