Sunday, November 10, 2013

Such A Strange Day -- Featuring [[Masoom],

Here lately, I've had absolutely no control over my schedule regarding sleep, rest, awake time, or whatever else you call it when you're teetering somewhere in the ethos of none of the above... and it's something I just accept. Life gives us all sorts of strange hurdles. One day it might be a conflict with a friend. Another day it may be (not so) simple insomnia. When I can identify a problem, I can trouble shoot till I can solve it, but some things in life cannot be addressed so clearly or fixed so easily.

A friend mentioned that they were in for another sleepless night, and sounded quite frustrated by it, I could understand his frustration. Once our sleep clock gets off tilt, things in the rest of our world seem to get off tilt too. I know that without sleep, our cells cannot regenerate, the body has a more difficult time fighting infection, and dealing with all the things it's supposed to do while our body lays primarily inactive for a good 8 hours. Insomnia that occurs regularly may even become life threatening.

I offered some suggestions to the friend, commiserated, and then went on with my unpredictable evening. Those suggestions mostly came from other friends who were also trying to help me cope with my bouts of insomnia in the past. After experiencing things repetitively, even things that aren't as good for us as other things, I think we have the opportunity to adapt to it, learn from it, and make the best of it. I think if I kept dwelling on an issue, I could make it worse.

Whatever the quirky thing is that happens to you today, or tomorrow, or next week, I hope that you have the friends in your world who want to reach out and offer suggestions. I hope you find a way to listen with your heart, and realize that even if those suggestions sound silly, friends say things like that in effort to help. I hope you realize that some things happen we cannot control and if we acknowledge them and work to adapt to them, less stress attaches itself to that thing and it doesn't have the power to affect us as profoundly.

I may have a zombie-esque night. It won't be the end of the world. I'll do small things here and there that I enjoy. I know a few people in every time zone, and I'll catch up with those who may be awake now when they rarely are in my natural time zone. And I'll embrace my three words and hope you do also, "Live! Laugh! Love!"

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