Saturday, November 30, 2013

"All The Who's Down In Whoville..." -- Featuring {WearMe}, EMO-tions, Enfant Terrible, Essenz @ J&A Expo Plus KR Couture

I love the beginning of "How A Grinch Stole Christmas" by Dr. Seuss. We get introduced to this group of people who could be you or me. Whoville represents everyone. In Whoville, the people got excited about Christmas. They prepared for a fanfare of amazement on that special day in all sorts of ways. Dr. Seuss had a way with fantasy words, elements from wild musical instruments to special gadgets.

Those Whos, whoever they are, had an antagonist in their world, not too far away, and he didn't care much for the Whos or their holiday season. At times, I feel more like I could identify with that old grumpy Grinch. Life throws all of us curve balls and sometimes they're really big. I think it could be easy to deal with the stress of the world around me and my hope shrink in the process.

*A side note here, I don't believe Dr. Seuss went to the nth degree to define Christmas as a purely singular faith type holiday.

The Grinch takes it one step further than I think I ever could. I definitely have moody holidays some years, but I don't look around me and try to take that away from others and their sentimentality. I'll go through the motions of the holiday and not feel it at times, but I wouldn't hurt others by taking away their stuff. The story says, "It came without packages, boxes or bags..." because the Grinch had decided that he could take Christmas away from the Whos by taking all their stuff.

I know that there are times when I'm disappointed that I lash out and tear into someone else, and when I'm done, for a little while, I feel bigger and better than they are. It's silly, mean spirited really, and so human. I've noticed that the competitive nature of the modeling and fashion world brings this Grinch out of us, and we use words instead of a pool stick, and we make others feel small instead of tapping all the Christmas decor into a sack.

There were Whos, and they could have been any of us. There was a Grinch and I guarantee that we've all had our grinchy ways. Every time I see the holiday special, I find I identify with Max as well. He's the very small dog who ends up being super-dog, drawing the sleigh. He's stuck, under the care of the Grinch. I think of him being the one who had no choice in the matter; not mean like the Grinch, and not sweet and innocent like the Who. He was just Max, stuck in a moment.

I prefer to have some control over my life. I have felt stuck like Max at times. I know the story was written primarily to amuse and entertain, and it does. I also think Seuss had a message in many of his stories and this one just makes me feel a lot of emotions. Live! Laugh! Love!

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