Friday, December 12, 2014

Get Involved In the Miss SL Organization - Be a Sponsor for Miss SL 2015

Every time I get involved in something new in Second Life, I do my homework. I look at the business or the person, I look at the projects and products already completed and I look at the public notes shared by more than just one or a few. I know there are many people, many places, many projects and products that seek sponsorship each week.

I believe in this person. He already manages reputable businesses in our shared virtual world. He created the world around him and invited only the best people to work with and for him. Each new thing on which he embarked became successful enterprise.

No one is flawless or perfect, but when you look for the nearest thing to perfect, you could not find someone who comes closer to this mark than Mr. Marcus. Risk assessment MUST be a part of decisions anyone makes and this must happen in a virtual world business as much as it does anywhere else. If you gamble, you'd choose wisely where to place your bet.

Choosing to invest as a SPONSOR for Miss SL 2015 means something. You're looking at a new event. Yes. The person behind this new event already earned his stripes, his street cred, his positive reputation that speaks highly of him. Because of this positive reputation already earned, you know that his new project shall succeed beyond imagination.

You want to set aside financial resources in order that you may reap the reward. This will prove itself a marketing option like nothing else you've tried, and you want to be able to say in weeks and months and years to come that you got involved as soon as you were able, because it impacted your business endeavors in the most positive ways!

"SPONSOR PACKAGES FOR MISS SL 2015 ARE AVAILABLE NOW!!! Please IM me for information. For those who have messaged me already before about, I'll get in touch with you as promised. " ~ quote from Marcus Wisser aka Marcus Lefevre.

Get involved! It's going to be incredible!

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